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Bill Stevens

Bill Stevens


About the Artist:


Bill has enjoyed a long career in the field of art and related industries. Artist-and-CatHe currently resides with his wife Ruth at their cottage home on Lynx Lake within the town of Kearney, Ontario. They enjoy frequent visits from their three daughters and son-inlaws, plus twelve grandchildren and their spouses.

Back in College, while taking commercial art, Bill would go to the Royal Ontario Museum with his class each Friday. At the museum he would draw images that were on display utilizing watercolours. This was the beginning of his current art career. During school vacations Bill and two buddies worked at resorts within the Muskoka/Huntsville area. This exposed Bill to the beauty of the Muskoka scenery.

During Bill’s 50 year career within the graphic arts industry, his interest in art continually developed. It was not until the age of 50 that Bill was able to devote more time to his love of art. Then upon retirement at the age of 68, Bill moved to his cottage within Muskoka, west of Algonquin Park and was able to spend all of his spare time reflecting upon his work, developing his skills and techniquue and expanding his art collection.

While walking five days a week with his dog in the Algonquin area bush his appreceation of the scenery and changing seasons motivated him to concentrate on landscape painting. Within Bill’s sunroom, the early morning light creates the perfect environment for painting. Living full-time, immersed within the beauty of the Muskoka forest and surrounding lakes, Bill’s interest in art is now a full-time.


Artist Statement

I enjoy the challenge of facing a blank canvas, a few mounds of oil paint and seeing the beginning of a new creation. While working on my art I gain a sense of deep relaxation and the anticipation of the completed creation gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Once inspired by the beauty of the forest surrounding me, I approach my creation be sketching large areas on the canvas. I sketch out the sky, land and foreground. Once a basic rendering is captured on the canvas, I follow with light oil colours to allow the picture to come to life. As I continue my composition I add detail to the picture, while working left to right. As the scene gradually emerges, I continually identify needed changes and modify the various components and layout for proportion, balance and focus.

My art allows me to capture and record the beauty of nature and the blending of various colours. The challenge of creating or recreating the scenes I have experienced gives me a great sense of accomplishment and adds rich meaning to my life.



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