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Cindy Ness

Cindy Ness


Artist Statement:


I have been “Artsy” as far back as I can remember.  I see future art projects everywhere I look,Ness_0055 ab I get my motivation from the sky, the forest, oceans and love painting birds and animals with a lot of color.  Painting for me is a great get away, as good as any vacation. Originally I started painting in watercolors but they did not allow me to “change my mind” about the paintings direction, therefore I would have to start all over again.  Currently I paint with acrylics, I find them liberating, allowing me to experiment with new idea’s and change my mind and change it again all while working on the same canvas.  I definitely do not paint quickly, a lot of hours go into each piece and I love each painting when it is finished. There is a piece of my mind, heart and sole in each painting, want to keep them all but that’s not possible. I hope you enjoy my works of art as much as I enjoyed painting them.




bird  water

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