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Debbie Caine

Debbie Caine


Artist Statement:

I have always loved drawing, seeing something evolve from marks. As a teenager confidence in my ability clouded my way forward, so my life IMG_1827went a different path, but drawing was always there. Then a new friendship and a birthday led me to an Art Store and the itch that needed to be  scratched surfaced with vengeance.

So a new journey began, although later in life, the passion and need to draw and paint to create was more intense than before, and now i want to share my journey and work with others. My vision of all things on paper and canvas. Charcoal and the  figure fascinate and tantalize my creative energy. Landscape and animals are so fascinating, the desire to make the image come alive without creating an exact replica, I love to paint and draw my vision of what i see and I see movement in everything so thats what i love to try and  depict.


From charcoal to oil, to acrylic and watercolour and then onto pen and ink, with a love of the human form and a passion for experimenting.


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