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Diane Viau-Duff

Diane Viau-Duff


About the Artist:


Diane Viau-Duff was born in 1960 in Montreal, IMG_1346Quebec. Her father, Gerard Viau, encouraged hr to draw at the very young age of 5. As Diane grew up, he noticed she had talent and potential to pursue a career in the field of art. At 16, she enrolled into the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for their part time studies. Upon successful completion, it prepared and enabled her for the Commercial Arts program at Dawson College. In 1982, Diane found her way to Toronto. While working for an architectural firm, she began freelancing in her spare time. She designed flyers, business cards, logos, illustrations and artistic renderings for small businesses, political campaigns, schools and individuals, as well as photography for special events. Over the years, Diane became a member of Neilson Park Creative Centre, the Canadian Wildlife and Animal Art Group, Visual Arts Mississauga, and most recently the Barrie Art Club. Diane’s artwork consists mostly of dry mediums such as graphite, charcoal, conte and chalk pastels. Her speciality is portrait drawing of animals and people. Diane has the ability of capturing their personalities in the finished piece of her artwork.




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