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Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe


Artist Statement:


From an early age I have been fascinated by ancient cultures and their artifacts. I have always had an interest in
ancient jewellery especially that from the Byzantine era. I have translated this inspiration into wearable, sophisticated works of jewellry. My work uses a combination of ancient techniques such as Granulation, Lapidary and Mokume Gane. I love to incorporate pattern and texture into each of my pieces whether it comes from the stone, pattern in the metal or granules that I add to each piece. I love the idea of layering several patterns and textures together to see the harmony they create. This sense of design combines contemporary with the best of ancient techniques delivering pieces that are commanding when viewed, dramatic when worn.



sapphire-slice-pendant_4x6_300dpi  baroquepearlnecklace_4x6

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