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John Newton

John Newton


About the Artist:


John Newton studied Traditional Classical Oil Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design.  johnfinishedHis influences as a young artist include Bougereau, Velazquez, Annigoni and many other renaissance artists. Studying these Old Masters encouraged John to develop a sense of understanding that enhanced his narrative visions. They made him aware of the importance of form and technique, which brought forth John’s poetic visions.

John Newton is an artist of Renaissance fame. His paintings echo the works of the Italian and French Masters.  His ability to transform light into a tangible entity is his gift and his portraits tell the story of life itself. Newton paints with the passion of his soul. He portrays honesty and truth as absolute. John Newton’s landscapes stand apart as depictions of the natural order. 

The progression of his work can be visually noticeable from single figure paintings to his narrative work, including commissions for the Roman Catholic Church.  John’s vision is not to paint every detail, but to encourage the viewer to look at the painting as a whole. His overall goal as an artist is to persuade his viewer to look into another window of life, and live in that moment to become inspired.



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