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Nicolee A. Miller

Nicolee A. Miller


Artist Statement:

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People and the architecture within the context of their environment inspire Miller’s artwork. “ I look to capture the moment of a story, an intimate scene or personal landmark unique to the individual’s culture.” Miller has a collection of door photos that range from ancient church doors of Jerusalem, colourful bullfight gates in Toledo, Spain to charming  100 year old Mews entrances of London.  “ Doors speak to us and symbolize the transition of generations of families and proud homeowners.  The opportunity to travel has impacted my appreciation to comprehend the relationship of people and the habitat unique to their culture.  Architectural features or intimate landmarks such as graveyards, abandoned homes or farms of the past are topics that she captures.  Miller has also a
 collection of Graffiti photos from Milan Italy, Lima Peru and Santiago Chile.  But if doors are not your thing Miller also has an eye for cherished still life objects such as Tea Cups and Coca-Cola imagery, Victorian houses.  All photos and artworks will be at sale cost as Lover’s Creek Studio will be relocating to British Columbia.



 Doors of Montipetier England

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