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Paul Forde

Paul Forde


Artist Statement:


Paul has been working as a professional artist in Barrie for the last 15 years and has been the go-to guy for both last summrstudio-created and live caricatures and cartoons in Ontario. He has drawn caricatures since high school when it was first noticed that he had this talent. As he says, “Not many artists can draw a good caricature with a pack of people staring down their every move. It scares most artists! But I love the interactions and the reactions!” 

The line work in his art always contain a lot of character, even if he is doing a landscape. It’s his ‘look’ and his energy that flows out from his hands. Paul will be drawing live during the art tour as well as showing off his gift caricatures and some of his paintings. You’ll be happy to get drawn by this pro.

Paul is represented by the Dorland-Haight gallery in Milton, the Artspace gallery in Oakville and the Ethel-Curry gallery in Haliburton, Ontario. Paul does accept commissions for all sorts of artwork including portraits, landscapes and of course caricature work. He has drawn live at weddings, family parties, many, many corporate parties, store openings, bar mitsvahs and sporting events. He is well known for this throughout the region.






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