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Valerie Losell

Valerie Losell


Artist Statement:


Since a career-ending cognitive brain and spinal cord injury seven years ago, IMG_1580I have had the extraordinary opportunity to explore a whole new way of living in the world.
The magic inherent in making art has been key in the transformative shift in balance from doing , to watching and listening.  Painting in watercolour, pastel and charcoal work has brought emotional healing, self  awareness and rebuilt a connection physically and metaphysically to the world.
What began as short, tiring, once-a -week art therapy sessions, has become  a daily source of purpose and joy.   I have now gained enough stamina to spend several hours a day immersed in the challenge of interpreting people and places that delight, intrigue and inspire me , on paper, with colour and line.. “Let’s see what I can do with this,”I say, ensconced in my cozy atelier.
I work mostly from photos taken by my talented partner, Andre Beneteau: my portal to the world beyond my door and my facilitator par excellence in all things.


After the Storm 4x6-6996 VLosell-6425 Little Swimmer-7772
 VLosell-Perth Storm-2509  VLosell-Safe Harbour-2515  VLosell - Morning Duties-4998

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