2015 Barrie Spring Art Tour






Gwendyln Anderson

Leizer Leathers is the only studio of Native-designed leather, motorcycle apparel in the city of Barrie, Ontario.

In the last two decades Gwendlyn has developed her own design house and has a thriving business producing contemporary leather creations reflecting her Algonquin heritage. Her Clentele includes Hollywood Stars, Rock and Roll Stars, Canadian political personalities and more and many of her designs are now finding they way to major European centres as well.

Personal consultation with every client assures that each creation is unique and one-of-a-kind. And clients are encouraged to stay involved until the completion of the design.

So give us an Email... bring your ideas with you... browse through the image gallery and imported leathers and suedes from England, Italy, and Germany.... and let Gwendlyn create that special look that is only you!




Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: Spool Lounge, 117 Lakeshore Mews





Jo Appleby

Jo is a local artist who enjoys depicting different subject matter using a variety of materials and mediums.
A common thread of my work might include reflections, particularly water reflections and the interplay of light and shadow.



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St W





Mary Lynne Atkinson

Atkinson is recognized for her landscape painting and portraiture. Using plein aire sketches as the basis of her studio work, she creates artwork in oils to convey the solitude and serenity she finds in the Canadian landscape. Her portraiture begins with figurative drawings. Atkinson’s paintings are exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.



Barrie Spring Art Tour location: 49 Willow Landing, Midhurst





Cheryl Begg-Gross

I have explored many facets of sewing.  As I continue to balance practical and creative fabric endeavours, I am enjoying the artistic experience that sewing provides.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: Stitch Haus, 54 Maple Ave





Arla Bird

Over 50 years of painting oils was the start of it all Then acrylics was my prime source of work When i moved to barrie in 1981 and joined the Barrie Art Club I started exploring watercolours oil pastels and watercolour pencils still keeping time for acrylics. With all the instructors i took classes from over the years i have found my art has grown and evolved to something new and exciting I am still exploring using the mediums I love and hope to continue finding new techniques in the coming year


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Cynthia Blair

Cynthia Blair's work is influenced by the rich and colourful landscapes of Simcoe County in the Georgian Bay area. Many of her works are painted plein air to capture the moment in a fresh, intuitive manner.  Light reflections are a common thread in many of her landscape paintings. Bold textural florals are also one of her favourite subjects.  Cynthia paints primarily in oil or acrylic on canvas, as well as encaustics using beeswax.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: Veni Vidi Studio, 75 Collier Street





Pauline Bradshaw

Following the pictorial traditions of generations of great painters, Pauline Bradshaw dedicated many years to the intensive study of old master drawings, paintings, plaster casts of antique sculpture, anatomy and the nude model. Bradshaw was granted rare access to HRH Queen Elizabeth’s private library at Windsor Castle to research and copy selected old master drawings. “I’m inspired by 19th century drawings and paintings from the legendary French and British academies. There was a compelling dedication to technique and uncompromising craftsmanship in their work. My academic training has allowed me to continue in this tradition and I try to convey a passion for drawing in my paintings.” She paints a meticulous representation of reality, revealing intimate relationships and tensions between familiar objects. Bradshaw passes along her extensive knowledge of academic techniques in private studio classes and workshops including the National Gallery of Canada. Her paintings and drawings can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain and Italy.



Barrie Spring Art Tour location: Veni Vidi Studio, 75 Collier Street







Sheila Bristow

Sheila Bristow, an established Canadian Artist, concentrated with enthusiasm on her artistic training in 2001. Greatly influenced by noted artist Billylyn Clark of Texas she studied with her for several years, continuing her studies with many well known instructors, courses at Georgian College and at MacLaren Art Centre helped her develop her skills. This year she has been fortunate to study with Meg Munro, a remarkable award winning Artist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Painting is a very emotional experience for her and this shows in the paintings. She paints landscapes, large flowers and portraiture in all mediums. Her artwork is collected worldwide and one of her paintings was hung in a show at La Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France from Dec. 13 to Dec 16, 2012.

Her Art has been shown in the John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto; Thornton Gallery, Thornton; The Gallery on Queen, Cookstown; The Barrie Art Club, Barrie; also Artistic Frameworks and the Gary Owen Gallery of Barrie. Some of her work is now on display at The Rotunda and Victoria Village of Barrie as well as Zweinbrucken Castle in Zweinbrucken, Germany.

Sheila is Past-President of the Barrie Kempenfest Committee 2010 and was Treasurer of the Huronia Festival of Arts and Crafts 2010. She was the liaison for the Barrie Art Club to the aforementioned groups in 2009 and 2010.





Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Creative Space, 12 Dunlop St. E.





Joanne Bullock

The materiality of metal is what fascinates and challenges me as an artist, jewellery designer and goldsmith.   I like to work from rough sketches and ideas and depend on aesthetic values to guide my work.  Colour, through enameling or by adding gem stones and semi-precious stone, is a more recent development in my creative process.  My production features wirework, embossing and lapidary.  I also have one of a kind pieces which celebrate the limitlessness of working in metal. 




Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Stitch Haus 54 Maple Ave





Barb Canning



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Patty Chapman

I have been a life time Artist, dabbling in pencil, charcoal, oil, pyrography (wood burning) and now encaustic art.

I became very aware as a young child that I had the ability create that went beyond just drawing pretty pictures. I understood that in order to remain whole creating something every day was essential, so it was. I was always creating, I was always able to find a “place of peace” while I was creating. My poor family and friends have homes filled with my attempts at creating! All were gifts of love.

To create something from within yourself and make it real in this world! Then give it away! That’s special.


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: Waxdreams, 124 Essa Rd.





Rose Cook

Love to Paint! 
Even as a child I had a great passion for art. I trained at Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Barrie Ontario where I worked alongside Dave Patterson and other Artist. 
Working with John Anderson, Marion Broom, Mark Hope, Douglas Purdon and Derrick Wicks, has given me a growing passion to expand my skills and expanding my technique. I try to create a sense of emotion with colour and energy in my paintings. 
I have had a showing at Ridge West Gallery, Oro-Medonte, ON and The Edge Gallery in Barrie, ON 
Vibrant color's excite and make me explore different technics and mediums wether it is realism or going towards the abstract, when pouring the colours and watching them evolve as I turn and twist the canvas I can hardly wait for the finish. 
I am showing some of my Artwork in the United States, Germany and Thailand. 



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Alice Dalton

Originally from Newfoungland, Alice Dalton studied Master Art courses through the ICS School of Art. She "emigrated" to Ontario in 1988. Alice is an Acylic/Inkartist who is amazed by the lines that shape everything we see. She is constantly learning the uniqueness of art through the very talented artists at the Barrie Art Club. Alice tells us: " I am always striving to improve my painting, so that you may experience Wonderland as I see it through my looking glass."


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Sandra Dick



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Laurena Green

Having worked in costuming for theatre, ballet and television for the last 15 years, my experience allows me to create works that combine my skills with my imagination.

As a member of the Simcoe County Embroidery Guild,
I am continuing to learn traditional hand embroidery techniques in the pursuit of incorporating them into contemporary, mixed-media pieces.

Continuing my work through teaching traditional, hand and machine sewing I am able to pass on skills that have been passed on to me. Having the benefit of experience I am also able to pass on the art of practice and patience.

Through my art I want to challenge the conventional perspectives of embroidery and textiles. There is a fine art in traditional embroidery methods, which may be lost one day in our mass produced society.

My goal is to reach new audiences by encouraging their interest in the traditional art of embroidery through a new representation of those skills.




Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: Spool Lounge, 117 Lakeshore Mews






Deb Grise

Deb's contemporary impressionist style works well with the rich colour and light she uses to create studio and plein-air works. In addition to oil and watercolour paintings, Deb is introducing her new art on silk line, which can be worn or hung as wall art.



Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Creative Space, 12 Dunlop St. E.




Pat Guinn

Two years after I retired from teaching in 2001, I decided to formally study painting and drawing at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario while living in a lovely rural setting in Oro-Medonte.  My images have won awards at local fairs, I continue to exhibit in juried shows, and I welcome opportunities to create on a commissioned basis.  As a member of the Barrie Art Club, Orillia Fine Arts Association, and BaySide Artists, my works are exhibited in various venues.
To focus on human or animal subjects is my preference, my goal being to capture the spirituality of God’s creations with a realistic likeness.  Landscapes and flowers, magnificent examples of God’s powers, often become the focus of my artistic imagery, but I will attempt a humourous subject from time to time.  While graphite emphasizes the primitive lights and shadows, acrylics, oils and pastels allow me the chance to explore colourful glories of the living spirit.  Time passes.  I preserve precious moments.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St. W.




Sherryl Hopper

Sherryl Hopper paints in a variety of styles from realism to abstraction in both watercolours and acrylics.
Realism subjects, mainly in watercolours, are characterized by strong lights and shadow, dynamic composition and vibrant colours. Acrylic abtract compositons free the soul as it is like going on a journey with no map and no destination. She is a member of the Barrie Art Club, Quest in Midland and the Orangeville Art Group.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: 20 Bayview Drive





Leonora Husveti-Frenette

Leonora Husveti-Frenette taught Dance at the University of Toronto
while completing her Bachelor of Arts degree. Then she fell under the
spell of a magician. The couple founded an illusion design company and
grew to international acclaim, enchanting audiences at Hollywood's Magic
Castle, and on luxury cruise ships around the world.

Leonora is also an award winning poet. (The Ultra Best Short Verse,
Beret Days Press, 2013) Her works were published in anthologies at the
University of Toronto and Saskatchewan. She is one of five featured poets in EnCompass III, an anthology of contemporary Canadian poetry, published by
The Ontario Poetry Society.

In 2013 she burst onto the visual art scene and won 2nd prize from the
South Simcoe Arts Council for her first creation. All of her works to date
have been accepted into juried exhibits across Ontario, including four
shows at Orillia's Museum of Art and History, three at Quest Gallery in Midland,
two at the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie and a debut appearance with her artist father at the Joseph D. Carrier Gallery in Toronto.

Leonora is inspired by the process of creating which is highly intuitive.
Poetry influences her visual art, and both are informed by the subconscious
mind. She tells powerful and deeply moving stories about the human
condition, or simply reflects the beauty of nature, all through symbolism,
surrealism or abstraction.


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17




Norma Jacobs

My art is an expression of how I feel about the natural world and how I'm affected by it. The medium I choose usually depends on the subject, however I work primarily in oils as I like its smooth flow and luminosity. Light, texture and mood are the foundation of my paintings.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St. W.





Dax Jensen

As an artist I see color and light everywhere. I started in the photography field, moved on to interior design and into painting. I work in a lot of mediums, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, graphite, and many more. My subject matter is anything that appeals to me, from landscapes,people,animals to abstracts. I enjoy it all. I have paintings in collections locally, the USA and Europe.


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17




Valerie Losell

A serious injury has been the unexpected catalyst to an expanding immersion in watercolour, pastel and poetry bringing with it healing, joy and meaning.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: Camphill, 87 Toronto St.





Lorraine Maher

Born and raised in Toronto, ON, Lorraine was educated in Commercial Art at Northern Secondary School followed by training at the Ontario College of Art. After moving to Barrie and a freelance career in art, Lorraine developed a passion for fine watercolours. Training and development since 1990 in this field has led to solo exhibits both locally and abroad. It is her excitement of light and shadow that has led her to explore her love of nature and humanity in her work.

Lorraine is a member of the Barrie Art Club, the Maclaren Art Centre and a regular donor to the Maclaren’s Benefactor Program.

Lorraine’s paintings hang in England, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United States and in private and corporate collections throughout Canada.




Barrie Spring Art Tour location: Veni Vidi Studio, 75 Collier Street




Elizabeth Malouin

With Scottish/Italian and West Indian parents a blended cultural heritage has set Elizabeth Malouin distinctly in her own Canadian culture as a truly unique, one of a kind person. Inspired by people, places and experiences Elizabeth creates striking and ethereal jewellery that possess the passion and exotic undertones within her pieces.

Collections of shells, sea glass, corals and the brilliant blue –green hues of the Caribbean Sea combined with the historical colours and art from the masters of old world Europe made for a very creative upbringing. The combination of these textures, colours and organic shapes are some of the elements found in Elizabeth’s work today and continue to inspire her.


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: 49 Willow Landing, Midhurst





Anne McAdam



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Nancy McHardy

My passion for horses and art has opened up a new world for me. My first oil painting was in grade 11 when I did a mare with her foal in the field.
My two sons are grown up now with families of their own and I have four grandchildren.
As a member of the Barrie Art Club, I have started painting again and thoroughly enjoy oil painting and sketching, along with soapstone carving and water colour painting.
My own mare is the subject of the attached painting and she shows us the energy, strength and beauty of the horse that I try to portray in my paintings.


Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17






Peter Michalski

I want to create beautiful unique, clay pieces, crafted with quality and passion. My influences stem from the beauty and elements of nature, to the worn pages of history. I tend to produce pieces in limited quantities, slowing my speed of production, but allowing for new ideas and techniques to be infused into my work exploring the medium of clay.
Most of Peter’s works are functional pieces thrown on the wheel, slab built, or slip cast into handcrafted plaster molds. Afterwards, these items may be altered by gently coaxing the clay, or carving the rims, or applying hand made stamps. With regards to surface decoration, some work has slip applied during the leather hard stage of drying and are then carved, creating distinctive designs. Other pieces are glazed more traditionally using a variety of techniques, such as sponging, spraying, dipping, and layering. In either case, Peter has created all of his own cone 6 glazes, and is consistently testing for new subtle improvements to his glaze palette.






Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: Veni Vidi Studio, 75 Collier Street






Yvette Miller

Brilliant Contemporary Master Landscapist
" Cezanne once contemplated: Art is a harmony with nature. "
"It is with an understanding and love of this harmony that
Yvette Miller captures the majestic severity and stark splendor of
Canada's natural beauty. Her highly finished oils are humble odes to the rugged stone vistas which capture her imagination. Through her works the viewer becomes aware the ancientness of these dignified
monuments. Feels we unlocked a window to the titanic primordial
forces that cast these cliffs and peaks at the Earth's iormation,
Ms. Miller states: "As nature's beauty is lost through urban developments, the memories that I paint will become even more important." Her personal vision is that of a poet, providing her audience with a chance to rest and observe the pleasure of living in her ideal world. Her art has a deep sense of emotion and love for nature. Elegant compositions serve as a testament to her artistic aesthetic; each painting is expertly arranged and cropped, to focus the viewer on the inner strength of the formations depicted. Her brush pulls back the curtain to the underlying order and harmony - the repetition of form and shape, of rhythmic colour of the seemingly majestic geography. Yvette Miller has exhibited extensively in Canada and New York and has been featured in elite juried exhibitions in Italy USAand Canada." Quote by R. Tucker.



Barrie Spring Art Tour location: 172 Blake Street





Col Mitchell

Fine Art Maker from the Heart of Muskoka, who captures the impression of magical nature experiences through pen & ink on sculpted paper; an original technique that resolves itself into works as individual as the fingerprint of that experience. “My art reflects my process of viewing and experiencing nature as I remember it, that random pendulum of intensity and tranquility, the shape, colour, line, and texture I associate with nature’s wonders, beauty and complexity all coloured by an adult’s remembrance of childhood imagination and fancy.” – Col Mitchell An award winning contemporary paper artist Mitchell’s work has featured in Times Square NYC; the 2010 G8/G20 Summit Media Centre, Toronto; online & print magazines; art publications; popular art blogs; and juried global exhibitions.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Creative Space, 12 Dunlop St. E.





Louise Morrison



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17







Janet Ness

Raised in a home rich in creative opportunity Janet experimented with pencil crayons, charcoal, pastels, oil, watercolour, clay, mosaic tile and copper enameling at an early age. Throughout her education in theatre she concurrently pursued instruction in visual arts, enriching her creative pursuits with block printing, sculpture and collage.

Janet paints expressively often using rich, vibrant colour.
She strives to use composition as a dialogue and as an expression of mood and emotion.

Most recently she has discovered the magic of encaustic and is moving in a forward direction with mixed media and abstract.

For Janet, alongside with directing musicals and singing, there is nothing more satisfying than creating lyrical and vibrant works of art.



Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Creative Space, 12 Dunlop St. E.





Margaret Ann Paradis

Margaret Ann Paradis is a People’s Choice Award winning artist and teacher who has studied with artists across Canada. Vivian Antoniw, June Parker, Tony Bianco and John Newton have all contributed to her success. Her work is collected nationally and internationally in Canada, the United States and Europe.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St. W.





Carmen Prieto

Carmen Prieto; originally from Chile, a Canadien -citizen since 1979. Carmen has enjoyed drawing and painting all her life so, in spite of her busy schedule working full time and raising her family, she found some time for improving her art skills. Carmen is presently retired and dedicating most of her time to her art. She loves Nature in all its expressions, she paints a variety of themes (landscapes, people, animals.). She uses watercolours, acrylic ,soft pastels….


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St. W.





Kate Ramos

Kate's textured works has given her inspiration to paint for the blind so that they may see our world in scale. She has established a partnership with the CNIB by donating pieces for the blind to freely touch and interact with at their offices. She plans to create one piece for every CNIB center across Canada.

Kate studied commercial art at George Brown College. Her professional experience roles include Graphic Design Director, gallery assistant and owner of an art framing and giclee printing facility.
She currently owns the Edge Gallery in Barrie, Ontario.

She has been represented by Loft Gallery, Clarksburg and at Art Appreciation Gallery, Barrie.


Barrie Spring Art Tour location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St. W.





Lisa Rankin

“My paintings are often admired for their realistic qualities through the use of light, shadow and colour. Capturing the beauty within the rustic landscapes of my entitled series, ‘Farms of Simcoe County,’ has become my passion. Keeping my camera close at hand allows me to capture the images as I come across them, while I use my artistic gifts to seek out particular points of interests in these images. Painting on location brings a connection to the subject, through not only sight, but sound and smell as well. My goal is to produce paintings that give the viewer a sense of calmness and relaxation.”




Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Barb Ritchie

There is always a painting in progress on Barb Ritchie’s easel as she works from her home studio in Barrrie, Ontario. She is also an avid on location painter in the local area or while travelling. Panoramic landscapes, backyard birds and animals, still life settings and people are all subjects she enjoys capturing.
Barb is best known for her soft pastels, watercolour and oils. She has recently added acrylics to this list and now includes instuction in this medium when teaching workshops and classes.
Barb is a signature member of Pastel Artists Canada and an active member of the Barrie Art Club. Each year she enjoys exhibiting in juried, group and solo exhibitions. Several of Barb’s paintings have earned awards and her work has been collected across Canada as well as in other countries.



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St. W, Unit 17





Barbara Stofast

Barbara Stofast's art incorporates natural and found materials into organic works that engage the eye and make your fingers itch to explore the highly textured surfaces. Each piece begins with no strict plan and executed itinerary; instead every creation is a journey of exploration and archaeology. Her canvases evolve to completion through a cycle of creating and responding, making and uncovering, discovery and invention.



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: Spool Lounge, 117 Lakeshore Mews






Darrell Wagar

I was born on a farm at Maple Island in the Parry Sound District. Ontario, Canada. From an early age I was fascinated by my rural back woods environment. At a very young age my family were amazed at my keen eye and hand co-ordination and the ability to graphically portray animals and landscapes. I graduated from the International Correspondence Schools' Figure Drawing and Painting course in April, 1960, and from the George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology Commercial Arts Program in October, 1969. After a few years as the Art Department Manager for a large advertising firm; I left the city for Ontario's Northland area in order to focus on the continual development of my skills. Opening a small gallery in Elmvale allowed me to sell almost everything I had created to that time. An avid canoeist, I enjoy my leisure time spent on the lakes and rivers of Ontario, and the numerous historical sights of Canada. This collection of my favorite places - some capturing my own personal heritage - provide the foundation for my artwork. Now, as a new member of the internet community, I look forward to expanding my horizons and sharing my love for everything Canadian in my art.



Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Barrie Art Club, 304 Dunlop St W., Unit 17





Anja Wildner

Born in Stuttgart Germany. Came to Canada in 1977. Graduated from OCAD Ontario College of Art & Design 1996. My passion is abstract art. My inspirations have been Van Gogh, his vibrant use of color and brushstrokes. Other inspirations are Kandinsky, Pollock and Picasso. Art is somewhat a science, you experiment and you develop something new. Something you do not expect. It could be, A Thought, A Vision, A Moment. But at the end there is something that draws you. As you look at my work you will see unusual things. I hope you see those unusual things like I have. I hope you enjoy what you see and embrace what I have through my work. Not one piece is the same. Every one piece is unique in its own way. My inspirations and what I embrace is nature and their surroundings. All the colours and textures that I see everyday are unbelievable. Truly wonderful visions.




Barrie Spring Art Tour Location: The Edge Gallery, 32 Dunlop St. W.